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High School Seniors
You could win a $5,000 or a $2,500 scholarship based on character, integrity, responsibility, and concern for others.

Submit a scholarship application online today. The deadline for applications is March 1st.

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Time Warner North East Bank


Encourage and mentor Maine's youth to embrace a life of character.

Establish a financially viable scholarship endowment that will self-perpetuate.

Bring together parents, educators, scholarship recipients, board members, and advisory board members to promote, build and maintain a significant Maine-wide program.

Mainely Character believes that a life of character embodies the following four principles in particular.

Courage Taking risks and following you own conscience with fearlessness.

Integrity Being truthful and trustworthy to oneself and others.

Responsibility Conveying an attitude of commitment and conviction.

Concern Demonstrating compassion and caring attitude towards others, and helping them achieve their best.