Nicole Lane

2001 Deering High School
$5000 Mainely Character Scholarship

As a recipient of the Mainely Character Scholarship, I would like to share how much this scholarship has impacted my ability to attend the college of my choice and to further my education. The costs associated with a college education, especially with a career goal of obtaining a doctorate, seemed impossible given my family’s financial circumstances. Although I has always worked hard during school, I was discouraged when I calculated the staggering costs involved. I realized that I would have to borrow large sums of money every year for eight years.

From the time we were young my mother instilled in both my brother and me that college was a natural continuation following high school. There was no question in her mind that I would further my education and that is would be in the field of my choice.

Words cannot describe the elation that I felt upon hearing that I had been chosen as the first recipient of the Mainely Character Scholarship. When the college that I will be attending learned of the scholarship award, the financial aid officer told me that he had only known of one other private scholarship issued in such a generous amount. To date, I am the student on record with the most outside scholarship support in the history of West Virginia Wesleyan College and I will be able to complete my freshman year with minimal debt. During a time of significant transition and change, this scholarship eased the stresses related to entering college. I hope you consider making this possible for another student.

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