Christopher Stout

2010 Fryeburg Academy,
$5,000 Time Warner Mainely Character  Scholarship

Christopher was just eight years old when he went to live with his elderly and infirm grandparents. His mother was an alcoholic and as Chris put it, his father showed no interest in him.  His mom would eventually die from her alcoholism.

Even as a young child Chris  helped his grandparents as they helped him. Chris’s  grandfather fell while working and lived with the pain of a broken back.  He provided important guidance to Christopher and Chris took over the role of caregiver for his grandparents by making  sure they made their doctors appointments and took their medications. Chris even paid their bills and took care of their finances. Chris was proud of the parenting provided by his grandparents, especially his grandfather who died while Chris was in high school.

Chris  watched the effects of alcohol abuse by his mother and sister and was quietly but proudly drug and alcohol free. He not only resisted the pressure from peers but stood as an example of a drug and alcohol free life. At Fryeburg Academy, Christopher was a leader in Project Graduation, raising funds for the class trip to New York City. He helped organize and participate in every one of the thirty fundraising events, working every shift.

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