Amber Hanson

2013 Oceanside High School
$5000 RM Davis, Mainely Character Scholarship

A determined young woman, Amber  overcame both emotional losses and poor choices to make the most of her opportunities and to help others. She demonstrated responsibility integrity, courage and concern for others.

Both Amber’s parents died under tragic circumstances when she was in elementary school and she moved to Maine to live with her uncle and aunt. In her freshman year in high school she flunked out, had substance abuse problems, lived in and out of foster homes and had had her last chance in a group home. She was in her own words, “a troubled teen.” Then she took responsibility for her life, committed to getting  help for substance abuse, began working hard at school, and associated with different friends. She became driven, checking on her grades each day, earning honor roll status and enjoying hearing her name announced with this group. She also began to give back, helping other troubled children as part of a mentoring program called Trek.

Amber enrolled in the University of Maine at Farmington,  pursuing a degree in sociology and ultimately a career as a social worker.

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