Madeline Gears

2013 Cape Elizabeth High School
$2500 Arnold Bushner – Northeast Bank Mainely Character Scholarship

Madeline (Maddy) Gears was described as a remarkable young woman. Modest yet confident, she demonstrated  a passion for what was right and a deep commitment to making her community a better place.

She actively demonstrated integrity and courage by intervening to protect others. Once she intervened to protect an autistic child from bullying and in another instance stood up to and reported a senior football player making racist remarks on the bus. Risking a friendship, she reported and sought help for a fellow student who confided that she was cutting herself and thinking about suicide.

Maddy demonstrated concern for others through her active volunteering and her mentoring of younger 4 H members. She volunteered at Ronald MacDonald House and Preble Street Resource Center, gathered gifts to donate at Christmas, and raised funds for cancer research.

Maddy was active in 4H for six years, not only winning competitions, but relishing her role mentoring younger members. “I believe I have helped my community, my club and my peers in a positive way by working hard to accomplish goals and giving back by emulating those that have mentored me.”

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