Lucas Brown

2018 South Portland High School

$1000 Mainely Character Scholarship

He took responsibility because he had to. Now he does because he wants to.

Lucas said  that caring for his mother  made him an adult. He worried about her constantly, and helped her with shopping, laundry, household chores, and visits to the doctor. His parents were divorced.  Lucas was also fully responsible for managing two jobs while paying for and maintaining his car. He worked for South Portland Recreation Camp during the summer and South Portland’s After-School Adventures program during the school year.  In these jobs, he advocated for students who were bullied, recognizing that “parents trust [him] to watch their kids.” Watching his father’s business inspired Lucas. While not sure what business he will go into, Lucas knew he wanted to create something new. He enrolled at the University of Southern Maine to  study small business entrepreneurship.

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