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Our Mission: To recognize and reward Maine High School seniors of exceptional character

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The application period for Maine high school students expecting to graduate in 2023 is now closed. Applications received or postmarked after March 1, 2023 will not be considered.

Scholarship Sponsors

Mainely Character Scholarships are funded by organizations and individuals committed to recognizing and rewarding character.

Awarding Scholarships

Our scholarships are awarded based on an applicant’s character. We do not consider academic achievement, athletic prowess, musical ability, artistic talent or financial need.

Four aspects of student’s character are considered when making an award.

Courage: Taking risks and following your own conscience with fearlessness.
Integrity: Being truthful and trustworthy to oneself and others.
Responsibility: Conveying an attitude of commitment and conviction.
Concern: Demonstrating compassion and caring attitude towards others, and helping them achieve their best.

Our Most Recent Scholars

Molly Sullivan

$5000 Bristol Seafoods / Jocelyn and Peter Handy
2023 Yarmouth High School
I’ve learned to be a beacon for those around me.

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Jarell Sandoval

$5000 Doug and Lauren Sanford
2023 Erskine Academy
Mature beyond his years, his caring and concern extend to all around him.

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Ava Samoluk

$500 Kathy Crosson and Lynn Bailets
2023 Hampden Academy
I see things in Black and White. If someone is struggling, you help. You make commitments, you follow through.

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Anna Li

$5000 The Gardner Group
2023 Calais High School
It is necessary to resist what is clearly hurtful and wrong.

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Thank you to our in-kind contributors.



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