Michelle Clark

2011 Yarmouth High School
$5,000 R.M. Davis Mainely Character Scholarship

Michele’s grandmother came from a modest farm in Aroostook County. She  wanted all her grandchildren to do works of charity. Grandmother can certainly be proud of Michelle! Concerned about the relief of Haiti long after it was in the news, Michelle demonstrated responsibility by spending her own savings and convincing her brother to invest his savings to buy 1000 “Help Haiti Heal” bracelets.  She sold these in her community to turn $200 into $1400, which she then donated to Haitian relief.

Michelle demonstrated courage, responsibility and concern in her own community.   Overhearing a conversation in a grocery store about an older woman taking in two very young children of other family members, she tracked down the woman and offered free baby-sitting. She soon became a routine and influential part of the children’s lives. Michelle hopes to one day participate in a program such as “Doctors without Borders.”

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