Michelle Kus

2012  Windham High School,
$5,000 R.M. Davis, Inc.Mainely Character Scholarship

Michelle was recognized for helping a neighbor, a troubled student seen as a lost cause by most others. She demonstrated extraordinary persistence and caring that encouraged and supported the young man through high school. She called to wake him in the morning, drove him to school, helped with homework, and provided financial support for clothing, food, and even rent. She provided crucial faith and support that the young man was not getting from anyone else. As a direct result of her compassion this young man got back on his feet, graduated from high school, and began college. In her application she said, “I am his crutches so to speak. I brought life and light to the situation and as simple as it is all I really did was care … I took interest in helping a person realize there is more to life, and that one can be happy and live a good life after a rough start.”

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