Abigail Pomerleau

2019 Thornton Academy
$1250 Market Decisions Research Mainely Character Scholarship

She learned to be resilient in the face of adversity.

When Abigail was 11, her mother went to prison. The moment she stepped out of their home, Abigail’s world completely changed. She only got to see her mother once a week, and never alone. Her father was stressed and family finances were challenging. Her older sister was ‘in charge’.  Abigail sulked a lot.

The turning point came when she started high school at Thornton Academy.  She began to take on more responsibility at home, helping her sister, and the conflicts between them eased. She requested ‘alone time’ with her mom in weekly phone calls, creating a place for personal sharing and emotional support. She started a job when she turned 15 and began to pay her own personal expenses to help with family finances and reduce the pressure on her father. 

When students asked about her mom, she was afraid of being judged.  Then she realized many of them were simply curious, she answered their questions directly, head held high.  She no longer worries about gossip.

Abigail will attend the University of Maine at Farmington, majoring in early childhood education. 

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