Amarachukwu Ifeji

2020 Bangor High School

 100+ Women Who Care Scholarship $5000

“ I am not afraid to speak out for what I value.”

Amarachukwu Ifeji arrived in Bangor with her Nigerian family in fourth grade. From the beginning, she saw acts of discrimination against minority students.  Her family and friends were threatened, called racial epithets, even spat on.  

Amara decided to start an organization in high school that would be a safe place for minorities and educate white students about discrimination. At first, she was concerned that some individuals might feel threatened. She thought about Olympia Snow, who advocates empowering young girls to become leaders, and persisted. During her junior year, she found a teacher willing to serve as advisor.  When the teacher left to take another position,  Amara had to start over.  In January 2020, the Multi-Cultural Student Union was officially launched. After a presentation to the School Board, she organized  the first  Diversity and Inclusion Panel Discussion at the high school. Amara realized that changing attitudes takes time; she continues to encourage minority students to tell their stories. 

Amara has been in the Bangor High School STEM program since her freshman year. She wants to address water quality issues around the world , including  heavy metal pollution.  She will major in Environmental Studies and International Affairs at Northeastern University in the fall. 

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