Detailed Application Instructions


You are eligible for the Mainely Character scholarship if,

  1. You live in Maine.
  2. You are graduating from high school in the year of your application.
  3. Your high school is located in Maine. We do not accept applications from students attending high school out of state.
  4. You will be going onto an accredited post-secondary institution directly after graduation from high school. We do not accept applications from students taking a “gap year” between high school and post-secondary education.

If you do not meet all the eligibility criteria, your application will not be accepted.

PART ONE:  Personal Information

Complete all of the information so we can contact you and your school administrator.

PART TWO: Reference

Provide one or more references who can attest to your character, in particular the information you provide in your Character Statement.  

PART THREE: Character Statement

Mainely Character Scholarships are awarded to individuals who demonstrate these four core principles of exemplary character:

Concern:  Communicating compassion and a caring attitude toward others.

Responsibility:  Demonstrating commitment and conviction through your actions.

Integrity:  Acting ethically and remaining true to your personal values.

Courage: Taking risks and following your conscience with fearlessness.

The Character Statement is your opportunity to tell us about your character in your own words.  Use specific examples from your experiences. Include stories from your life that you feel truly illustrate your character, including how it has been shaped and challenged by experiences and events.  

The structure of the Character Statement includes six prompts. Please respond to the prompts in 6 numbered sections of up to 150 words each. Number your responses in order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) so we can associate them with the prompts.  If you don’t have a response to a prompt, you may leave it blank. You will still be considered based on your responses to other sections.

  1. Introductory Paragraph: Explain why you should be considered for a scholarship based on character. (Up to 150 words)
  2. Concern:  Describe one or more instances where you communicated high levels of compassion and caring for others, helping them to achieve their best. (Up to 150 words)
  3. Responsibility:  Describe one or more instances where you demonstrated commitment and conviction by acting to take responsibility for a problem, issue or situation.  (Up to 150 words)
  4. Integrity: Describe a difficult situation or situations where you demonstrated personal integrity by acting ethically or remaining true to your values despite pressure, threats or danger.  (Up to 150 words)
  5. Courage: Describe an instance or instances where you demonstrated personal courage by facing and overcoming obstacles, fear, or danger. (Up to 150 words)
  6. Use this section to say anything else you would like to clarify or illustrate your character.  (so we can understand your character) This can include information on volunteer activities; amount of time spent volunteering;  your values; key influences in your life.
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