Rory Doyle

2002 St. Thomas Aquinas High School
$5000 Mainely Character Scholarship

Coming from a family of six with an older brother already in college, it is almost impossible to describe how much this scholarship means to the future of my education. Because it will help limit the amount of money my parents have to borrow, it will also be extremely beneficial in assisting with the future of my siblings’ education.

Growing up in a rural Maine town, my parents have always taught me that it’s not the material things that are the most important in life. My mother has always chosen part-time jobs that have allowed her to raise her children without day care. Making the most money has never been a goal for either of my parents. They have always emphasized the importance of education. This is why the Mainely Character scholarship is so crucial for my future.

I can honestly say that I don’t know how I ever would have been able to pay back debts for my first year of college were it not for the help of the Mainely Character program. Even though I will be employed at a camp this summer and also working as a waiter in a nearby restaurant, I would never be able to meet all the costs for college without this extremely generous scholarship.

Furthermore, it is a great honor to be recognized for the characteristics that have shaped my personality. I would like all of those involved with the Mainely Character scholarship organization to know that I feel my words could never fully express the level of gratitude that I have for your help and generosity. Thank you.

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