Ian Kelly

2015 Sanford High School
$2500 Mainely Character Scholarship

At 15 Ian moved to Sandford while his father commuted more than two hours each way to work in Massachusetts. Since his was a single parent household, Ian, at 15 years old, took responsibility for the day to day care of his younger sibling.

Even with this burden, Ian committed to being part of his community and making it a better place. He volunteered at a local thrift shop, coached a robotics team, supported a community youth recreation team and sold food for the school booster club.  He gave more than 400 hours to these organizations. Naturally shy, he chose to develop leadership skills by becoming a state officer in SkillsUSA.

Ian was committed to being part of his community over the long term. He said,  “Instead of moving away from where I grew up…I want to stay right where I am. I would like to stay involved to improve my town and make it great by leading the way for others.”

Ian enrolled in York County Community College with a goal of becoming a machinist.

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