Caitlyn McNulty

2017 Scarborough High School
$2500 Market Decisions Research Mainely Character Scholarship

Caitlyn McNulty wanted Scarborough High School to be a  safe place for all students. During her sophomore year, she watched a friend being verbally harassed and then physically bullied because she was gay. Horrified by what she saw, Caitlyn took action, working with her friend to start a club providing a safe space for gay students.  It took more than a year to get the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) formally approved. In addition to being a refuge for gay students, GSA members sought to raise awareness about issues affecting LGBTQ students. Caitlyn and her friend Ev Norsworthy became officers of the new organization. McNulty also served as president of the school’s Civil Rights Club.

McNulty credited her willingness to stand up for others, in part, to  her experience at Seeds of Peace camp during the summer after her freshman year. She became a speaker about gender and sexuality issues. Her first speech event about dress codes and rape culture was before a Harvard Law class. She has traveled  all over New England, speaking about starting a Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

Caitlyn was  passionate about her beliefs, and  worked as a canvasser raising funds for an LGBTQ non-profit as well as going door to to door supporting a Ballot Question addressing Expanded Background Checks for Private Gun sales. In both cases, she was insulted and threatened by some people who disagreed. In spite of this, she knows she did the right thing.

Caitlyn McNulty enrolled at  Dickinson College, majoring in psychology with a specialization in PTSD.

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