Noa Sredon

2017 Morse High School
$5,000 R.M. Davis, Inc. Mainely Character Scholarship

Noa Sredon believes that hanging out with positive peers has helped her develop a strong character. Throughout her time at Morse High School, she’s worked to ensure that other students have similar experiences.  She founded Shipbuilders Committed, a student organization dedicated to establishing a culture of success. Members support each other through involvement in athletics, citizenship, and pledging to remain drug and alcohol free.

As a student representative to her local school board and the Maine State School Board, Sreden has been a voice for student issues, including transgender policy and dress codes.  Noa also started YEL! (Youth Leadership in Education), a program designed to raise aspirations through mentoring. YEL! matches elementary age students with mentors from Morse High School.

Sreden is a dedicated athlete who shares her enthusiasm for physical activity and healthy living with others. She serves as one of 20 national Youth Council members for  Fuel Up to Play 60. This partnership between the National Dairy Council and the NFL supports healthy activities for youth in schools. As a freshman, she became a Maine representative to FUTP.  Before that, a speech deficit ravaged her confidence. She decided she could not settle for poor communication skills. She practiced in front of a mirror and struck up conversations with adults whenever possible. She was able to take part in public speaking events, overcoming a big challenge with a little confidence and a lot of courage.  

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