Molly Whelan

2020 Freeport High School 

 R. M. Davis, Inc Mainely Character Scholarship $2500

“I have discovered what it means to be authentic.” 

Molly’s high school years have been a journey of self-discovery.  Heeding advice from an older cousin who said, “Don’t take high school for granted,” she repeatedly challenged herself by diving into new experiences. 

Molly began playing soccer at age 3, and many of her friends were on the team. At the beginning of her freshman year, she quit soccer and joined the golf team. Although she had never played golf, she wanted to try something new. She eventually competed in the New England High School Championships and won awards for leadership. 

Of all her volunteer experiences, working at Preble Street Soup Kitchen was especially meaningful. Her  long-term commitment resulted in meaningful connections with the people she met. 

In May of her sophomore year, Molly shaved her head and donated her hair to Locks of Love.  Conceived as a social experiment for a course she was taking, it changed the course of her last two years of high school.  For weeks, she was met with rumors and judgments from her peers.  She says it taught her much about peer pressure to be “beautiful.”She learned it’s more important to be authentic. 

For the last two years, Mollyhas committed to monthly retreats that foster self-reflection, connection to others, and creativity.  Valo, a program that brings a diverse group of Maine students, took her out of her comfort zone and inspired her passion for writing. 

Molly will study communications at Elon College in the fall.

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