Mary Lombardi

2021 Traip Academy

$2500 Scholarship Sponsored by Partners Bank

I don’t want to be in a tiny box. I want to bust out and try something new.

Homebound during COVID, Mary found a way to help others using quilting fabric inherited from her grandmother; she made COVID masks 5 hours a day and hung them on the family fence, free to take. Eventually the public donated fabric and funds to support her cause.

Mary refuses to let the expectations of others define her.  In eighth grade, she joined the high school football team, enduring harassment from teammates and opponents alike. She eventually earned the respect of her teammates, who chose her as captain.

Mary works to de-stigmatize mental health, talking openly about her own struggles.  She established a “Bring Change to Mind” chapter at her school to raise awareness of mental health. 

Her interest in robotics led to an interest in STEM studies. This year she completed 15 hours’ credit at York County Community College and earned two International Certificates in Engineering.

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