Alexander Reynaud

Waterville High School 

$2500 Scholarship Sponsored by David and Kathy Harrison 

I confront challenges and deal with them.

As a freshman in a new high school and state, Alexander was shy and overwhelmed.  When diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, he decided to work on his social skills.  The following September, he volunteered to help with new-student orientation and his personal growth from interactions with students and parents was transformational. 

Alexander always puts others first. He is a caring older brother to 3 siblings. As tutoring coordinator for the National Honor Society, he seeks out peers in need of academic help and pairs them with student tutors.

Alexander is responsible and meticulous. His junior year, he volunteered to be a media center intern, quickly becoming a trusted assistant to the librarian.  When a library staff position was cut from the budget, Alexander competently filled the void. 

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