Kailyn Robichaud

2021 Kennebunk High School

$2500 Scholarship Sponsored by Rubb USA 

I take steps every day to better myself

Kailyn grew up in a “whirlwind of chaos.” She took responsibility for herself at an early age as her mother struggled with depression. Kailyn taught herself to use the kitchen appliances so she could feed herself, her younger sister, and her mother. Kailyn saw what could happen if she did not take responsibility for her own life. By high school, Kailyn matured into an independent, motivated, and successful young woman. She supported herself with a part-time job and prepared her own meals.  

Kailyn was a caregiver for her family, constantly putting the needs of others first. She helped her mother financially, called her daily, and made sure she got to medical appointments. Kailyn also helped with her five young half-siblings, including one with autism. She picked them up at the bus stop, prepared meals, and even helped with potty training. 

Early on, Kailyn realized that college would help her build a better life.  She made wise financial decisions and worked hard to improve her chances, academically and financially.

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