Camden Rollins

2021Yarmouth High School 

$2500 Scholarship Sponsored by R.M. Davis 

I could not walk away.

Camden is passionate about helping those less fortunate than himself.  After becoming aware of a program at his local Senior Center serving food-insecure seniors he became a weekly volunteer.  When those seniors began asking him to help them with small repairs around their homes, he became a busy volunteer home handyman.  Then he began to assist food-insecure elementary students during summer and holiday breaks.

In kindergarten Camden met a special needs student with whom he developed a strong bond that endures to this day. Camden continued to reach out to this student in high school and shared lunch with him whenever possible.

Camden is a source of strength and support for his family and community.  He dug deep to find courage to take on adult responsibilities in his family when his father became ill.  He completed his Eagle Scout Project, raising $3000 to create a prayer area in a dilapidated park near a church.

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