Kaitlyn Tompkins

2021 Mount Desert High School

$2500 Scholarship Sponsored by Reed and Reed 

I seek to lead in kindness and work hard to make the future brighter for all.

A victim of frequent bullying in her elementary school years, Kaitlyn often changed schools. She turned her negative experiences into a commitment to make a difference to others in her school and community. With significant family responsibilities, she was a regular volunteer at the local elementary school and coached Unified Basketball for three years, mentoring special needs students. 

Kaitlyn earned the respect of her peers and school staff, being selected to serve on her school’s Hearing Committee, where disciplinary cases are brought before a panel of teachers and students.  

As a member of the student council Kaitlyn led a successful effort to make the Homecoming King and Queen selection process, traditionally based on gender and popularity, more inclusive by replacing the Royal Court with Heroes of Troy. Kaitlin will pursue a career in education, partly as recognition of how much her teachers have helped her. 

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