Serena Lufkin

2021 Hodgon Middle/High School, Houlton 

$5000 Scholarship Sponsored by 100+WomenWhoCare, Southern Maine 

My character is a reflection of everything I have successfully gotten through.

Serena became a caregiver at a young age. Her mother had a serious heart condition.  Serena took care of her until her death last year. She now helps care for her younger brother, the son of her older brother, and an elderly neighbor.

Serena grew up in a chaotic home.  She moved frequently; and was homeless at times.  She was bullied by classmates. But Serena found her voice in sixth grade and began setting goals for herself. 

In high school she worked part-time, helped with family finances, and studied hard.  She was actively involved in Jobs for Maine Graduates, even though schedule conflicts meant she got no credit. She was named to the National Honor Society. 

Serena learned that helping others relieved her depression. She shares what she’s learned with other struggling students. She started an online chat group for other teens with depression. 

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