Maggie Amann

2021 Scarborough High School 

$2500 Scholarship Sponsored by Saco Biddeford Savings Institution 

I find joy in making people smile

Maggie thrives on helping others. She describes herself as “A surfer, runner, Irish dancer, student, daughter, sister, leader, and someone who cares a lot about others.” She’s volunteered for three summers at Maine Medical Center, supporting patients and their families.  As president of three clubs at her high school, she’s inspired fellow students to raise thousands of dollars for cancer research and the Thirst Project, a water activism organization.  

With the Key Club, Maggie applied for a grant to assemble homeless care packages, and researched needs of the homeless. Students created almost 50 care packages: socks, blankets, toothbrushes, hats, and personal notes. 

After George Floyd’s murder, she helped form the Scarborough Anti-Racism Coalition and a larger than expected Black Lives Matter rally. She handled controversy professionally, emphasizing the peaceful nature of the event.

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