Clementine Bannon

$5000 100 Women Who Care
George Stevens High School

 “ I am determined to use my voice to make positive change.”

Clementine’s early education taught her how interconnected everything is. Until she was 12, her family lived off the grid in a cabin in the Maine woods. She and her younger brother were homeschooled.  They helped build the family home, planted and harvested fruits and vegetables in their garden, even tanned animal hides. They shared hands-on lessons with 3 other homeschooling families.  Collaboration, compassion, and cooperation were always at the heart of learning.  

Clementine is passionate about so many seemingly independent subjects – from women’s reproductive rights to systemic racism to ocean ecology.  She is an active ally for the underdog, unafraid to bring up tough issues. She advocated for gender neutral bathrooms and challenged a school culture of machismo.  

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