Alice Skiff

$5000 Kathy and David Harrison
2022 Lincoln Academy

“It is often thought that adversity develops character. I can support that with my own experience.”

In October of 2016, Alice was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that derailed her life. She lost motor coordination, and was unable to walk, talk, or eat.  After 3 years of radiation, chemotherapy, and intensive rehabilitation, she learned to walk and improved her speaking.   She can sing again – although not as well as she used to.  

Because of learning deficits from her treatment, Alice worked hard to keep up with her peers when she entered high school. Her voice was very soft; when she volunteered to read aloud, she fought to project.   Despite issues with balance and voice projection, she tried out for cheerleading to challenge herself – and made the squad. 

Active in her school and community, Alice also volunteers with young cancer patients at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and Camp Sunshine.  She says, “I want to sprinkle kindness everywhere.”

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