Kathryn Smith

$5000 Timothy and Claire Heard
2022 John Bapst Memorial High School

“Good character is a choice we make every day.”

Kate is a sexual assault survivor.  When she was assaulted in the school library early in her freshman year, she was too traumatized to report the event.   Months later she finally told her parents.  They found a therapist who helped her deal with her PTSD. 

Through her therapy, Kate realized she could not remain silent. She had to share her story in order to heal. With the support of her parents, she went to the police, and eventually received a one-year protection order.

Kate has become an advocate for assault victims.  She says, “I’ve made it my mission to raise awareness about trauma and the impacts of PTSD. It’s critical to dispel the stigma that surrounds sexual assault survivors and help them heal.” 

Kate uses her trauma to help others with similar experiences find their own inner strength. By sharing her story publicly, she is a trusted resource.

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