Jackson Melendy

$5000 Market Decisions
Kent’s Hill High School

“I am the voice of the students.”

As a freshman at Kent’s Hill High School, Jackson noticed that students didn’t have a voice in decisions affecting them. After a year of complaining, he held a meeting with the Assistant Head of School that became a turning point. Jackson realized that he would have to generate student involvement for change.  

Jackson began by connecting with students wherever possible. He joined the student council and encouraged more student voice.  He got 3 students appointed to the COVID-19 Task Force.  Students have gotten many things done with Jackson’s leadership.  They created a dress code and serve on many committees with administrators. 

At the beginning of his senior year, new administrators slowed Jackson’s plans.  Despite his impatience, he took a step back, and convened a student town hall to gather their thoughts and ideas, ensuring that all voices were heard. 

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