Mira Whitmore

$5000 Bristol Seafood
2022 Central High School

“My sister taught me to be compassionate and humble.”

At age 8, Mira stepped up and helped out when her baby sister was born.  Her mother was divorced and suffered from severe postpartum depression.  By the baby’s second birthday, Mira’s mom was struggling with drug dependency.  Mira became her sister’s mom. She took care of household chores for seven years: shopping, laundry, and cooking meals. She earned money for food with part-time jobs. 

When Mira was a sophomore, DHS intervened.  Mira’s sister went to live with her birth father. Mira went to a foster placement with her aunt and uncle, who eventually adopted her. She appreciates the love and concern of her adopted mom. Sadly, Mira’s birth mom died in 2020.  

Mira overcame family struggles and stood up to the pressures surrounding her. She avoided drugs, improved her grades and cared for her sister.

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