Marwa Aslami

$5000 Northern Light Health
2023 Casco Bay High School

“I’ve learned to be happy in others’ happiness.”

Marwa is mature beyond her years, feisty, and determined.  She came to Portland from Afghanistan at age 11 with her mother and 3 younger brothers.  Marwa learned to translate for her mother. She acts as head of household: paying bills, filling out paperwork, and helping with homework.

In August 2021, the Taliban took over Afghanistan. In the chaos, her 6-year-old cousin Fawad was shot in the face at the Kabul airport and was unable to get medical care.  Determined to help Fawad and his family escape, Marwa reached out to anyone she could think of. Although just one of thousands trying to help Afghanis escape, she never gave up.  Her persistence convinced strangers to help. A year later, Fawad and his family arrived in Delaware. He is being treated at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

Marwa will attend The University of Southern Maine in the fall.

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