Carlyssa Baker

$5000 Market Decisions/ Curt and Loralie Mildner
2023 Mountain Valley High Schooli

I have spent my high school years making a conscious effort to uphold the voices of those around me that are often silenced.”

Carly identified her dream school early on, and she pursued as much funding as she could to make this come true. From a small rural community, she noticed many people were marginalized and depressed. She acted and initiated conversations with her principal. Carly created a slide show over the summer to present to school staff to foster inclusivity. 

A quiet, academically focused person, Carly got involved in Upward Bound and dedicated herself to community involvement. She found passion in training sessions and moved on to leadership roles. She became a lobbyist in the State House and also spoke with a U.S. Senator on behalf of the LBGTQ+ community.

As a member of Maine Student Action, Carly was involved in panels on the public health crisis. Initial pushback from her community did not stop her, and her perseverance resulted in positive outcomes. She pushes herself and will testify for family medical leave. She has made a strong impact.

Carly will attend Bates College in the fall.

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