Julia Bell

$5000 Tim and Claire Heard
2023 Baxter Academy

“She is a bright light that others flock to.”

An artist with a drive to better her world, Julia needle-felted small birds to raise $200 for Ukraine. She also undertook a project with her art and marine biology teachers and painted one of the first murals at her STEM school.

As a freshman, Julia recognized behavior she wasn’t proud of and changed her attitude and approach. This year, when one of her friends cheated in class, Julia called her on it. Always coming from a place of care, Julia is unusually self-aware, mature beyond her years, and a positive influence on the school. If she leads with honesty, her peers follow. 

In her sophomore year, Julia noticed conflict increasing within her community, especially around the topic of prejudice and a lack of support for peers who have experienced it. She attended the Seeds of Peace camp, then was selected to interview others for the next year’s camp. She has focused on restorative justice efforts in her school; her teachers note that Julia is a constant support for peers struggling with mental health issues – with positive results.

Julia will attend Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall.

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