Brogan Danzig

$5000 Anne and Richard Cass
2023 Cheverus High School

“The victory goes to the one who never quits.”

From an early age, Brogan demonstrated his ability to empathize with others. In grade school, he gave half of his birthday money every year to UNICEF; in middle school, he frequently made himself a physical barrier to calm tense situations; as team captain in high school, he inspired teammates to work together and mediated conflicts, earning a character award as a freshman. 

He constantly demonstrates his commitment to others. For his Eagle Scout project he built an outdoor classroom for a nearby elementary school, then found others to help him build two more because the school asked. Brogan is a soccer coach for younger players in his town; at Cheverus he is a goodwill ambassador, a freshman mentor, and a Kairos leader. 

A college-level Adventures in Healthcare workshop inspired Brogan to be a doctor. Since Covid didn’t allow him to volunteer at a hospital, he became an EMT. He also became a teaching assistant for his anatomy/physiology class, then sought a work-study position with the Athletic Trainer.

Brogan will attend Loyola University in Maryland in the fall.

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