Ahnalese Higgins

$500 Barbara Ross and Bill Carito
2023 Skowhegan Area High School

“She delivers a message of kindness every day.”

Ahnalese always has a hand up whenever help is needed. She supports community service activities through her membership in the National Honor Society as well as the projects her other many extracurricular groups support.

She has been the “Voice of the Morning” since her freshman year in high school, delivering announcements and a kind thought daily.

She made it her own personal mission to get student representation on the local school board; her research and presentations ensured that the position was approved for future years.  Even though she would not benefit from this accomplishment she understood the importance for future students. She is a member of student leadership at the Somerset Career and Technical Center and sits on the State Dept of Education Student Cabinet, meeting with state education officials regularly.

Her passion for early childhood education, which she will be pursuing in college, is evident in the many hours she volunteers in pre-school and kindergarten classes.

Annalese will attend the University of Maine, Farmington in the fall.

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