Ava Samoluk

$500 Kathy Crosson and Lynn Bailets
2023 Hampden Academy

“I see things in Black and White.  If someone is struggling, you help.  You make commitments, you follow through.”

Ava is described as an old soul – quiet and a bit shy but always taking care of others. She is a go getter, knows what she wants and is willing to go after it.

She has taken on significant responsibilities in her family over the years, described as a “little momma” to her younger siblings.  She has been a longtime volunteer and mentor with Special Olympics and an active Girl Scout.  

Ava is a strong advocate against bullying, motivated by her personal experience and that of younger siblings.  With a strong moral compass, she has been able to stay above the fray. She successfully advocated for herself with teachers and other school staff when an injury threatened to disrupt her senior year.

Ava will attend Bentley College in the fall.

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