Jarell Sandoval

$5000 Doug and Lauren Sanford
2023 Erskine Academy

“Mature beyond his years, his caring and concern extend to all around him.”

Jarell’s daily actions have a profound impact on those around him. He spent many hours as a volunteer tutor at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, cleverly designing games to help a struggling math student based on the child’s interests.  His outreach extends to his large family, his school community, and strangers.

In the grocery store with friends, a short woman asked him to get some items from the top shelf. When he handed her the items, she offered him a twenty-dollar bill, which he refused. As his friends gave him a hard time about it, he noted, “All I did was reach up. She can use that money to get food for her family.”

At his summer camp job, the Director assigned him to the youngest age group because of his naturally calm way with the smallest campers. All the little kids flocked to him. He also handcrafts earrings for his teachers as a surprise token of appreciation and thanks.  Jarell is a leader quietly setting an example for his peers by helping others in everything that he does. Jarell will attend Unity College in the fall.       

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